Comedy Night with Poppy Champlin & Kate Sisk – June 8th, 7 PM at Mesquite St. Southside

Get ready for a night of non-stop laughter! Comedy Night is back at Mesquite St. Southside, featuring Poppy Champlin, the comedy queen known for her rapid-fire jokes and witty impersonations, and Kate Sisk, the edgy drag king and comedian from Brooklyn.

Join us on June 8th at 7 PM for a night of humor, diversity, and top-notch entertainment. Whether you’re a returning fan of Poppy or curious about Kate’s Corpus Christi debut, this event promises to leave you in stitches.

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for ticket sales—this is one comedy night you won’t want to miss!



Sheeeee’s Back! Comedy Night with Poppy Champlin & Kate Sisk

Get ready to laugh until it hurts at Mesquite St. Southside’s comedy extravaganza! Join us on June 8th at 7 PM for a night filled with hilarity and fun as we bring back the phenomenal Poppy Champlin by popular demand. After her incredible performance last year, how could we not have her light up our stage once more?

Event Details:

  • Date: June 8th
  • Time: 7 PM
  • Location: Mesquite St. Southside

About the Performers:

  • Poppy Champlin: A powerhouse of wit and charm, Poppy’s return is all the buzz in town! Her unique blend of rapid-fire jokes and spot-on impersonations left us in stitches last year, and we’re thrilled to have her back. Prepare for an encore performance that promises to top the last!
  • Kate Sisk: Making waves all the way from Brooklyn, NY, Kate Sisk is a drag king and lesbian comedian who knows no bounds. Her edgy comedy and unforgettable persona will captivate and entertain. Don’t miss the chance to see Kate’s Corpus Christi debut!

Why You Should Come: Experience a night of side-splitting comedy, great drinks, and the best company. Whether you’re a returning fan of Poppy or eager to see what Kate brings to the stage, this night is for you. It’s more than just a comedy show—it’s a celebration of humor, diversity, and the joy of a good laugh.

Mark your calendar, tell your friends, and prepare to be entertained. Keep an eye out for ticket releases and grab yours early—this is one show you won’t want to miss!

Event Details

Date: June 08, 2024

Start time: 19:00 CDT

End time: 20:30 CDT

Venue: Mesquite St. Southside

Coordinates: 27.716038815463726,-97.39026527161462

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