PRIDE Art Exhibit Call for Entries

The PRIDE Corpus Christi LGBTQIA+ Art Exhibit, opening on June 3rd, is now accepting entries. The exhibit will be showcased in the PRODUCE® Gallery downtown, 419 Peoples St. The theme of this year’s gallery is to “display queer intimacy with the self, between other-selves, and sometimes with the absence of self. This exhibit’s narrative highlights the various experiences of feeling in-between and not neatly fitting into spaces. As a result, the theme understands queer communities as filled with pockets of liminal spaces, but also interrogates this phenomenon through the lens of relationships, love, and belonging.

Works must be an original piece and artists are required to submit photographs of potential works to be exhibited to: The deadline for submissions is Friday, May 27, 2022. Artists will be notified about their acceptance of selected works by May 29th.

Some basics of the call for artwork include: There are no entry fees. All media are eligible. All selected exhibit work shall be finished works and must be in suitable condition for the exhibition.  No wet paint. The maximum size for two-dimensional works is 48 X 48 inches. The maximum size for three-dimensional works is 24 X 24 X 24. Space limitations may preclude an exhibition of multiple pieces. The artist installation of their selected exhibited works will be on Monday, May 31, 2022. Exhibited artwork must be removed on June 29, 2022. Three-dimensional works must be manageable by no more than two persons. Works must be ready to hang on a wall or if a base is needed, it must be provided by the artist or set on a table for display. Artists understand that the area where his/her artwork will be hanging or displayed is unsupervised and is in a part of the building that may be open to the public, day and evening, whether or not the building is open.

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2 thoughts on “PRIDE Art Exhibit Call for Entries
  1. Natalian Segovia

    Good afternoon, I’m emailing you about the exhibition entry forms. I was just wanting to see if I needed to hand-deliver them or do I send them to the email that’s linked in the description? Because I emailed them last year and I never got anything back so I just wanna make sure where exactly to turn in the forms.

    May 23, 2022 Reply
    • Jonathan Swindle goes directly to myself (Jonathan) and the person curating the exhibit. Please make your submission and I can confirm with you here that it was received.

      May 23, 2022 Reply
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