Official Statement Advocating on Behalf of CCISD LGBTQIA+ Student Population

“As you are aware, we are here today to call on CCISD to act on protecting our LGBTQIA+ youth in their care with a diversity, equity and inclusion policy. An action already taken by many other public educational institutions in the State of Texas. However, it is evident that they have heard this call repeatedly and continue to allow it to fall on deaf ears.

Today, more importantly, I speak to the youth who are listening and whose voice is left unheard by this administration.

Though it may feel as those around you in power are building a world that only reflects their anger, there are those of us building a community with you in mind. 

It is an inclusive community built from a love for our City, a love for its culture, and a love for its diversity. Every day, we take steps forward with the support of our partners. No matter how hard some may try, as you learned in 1st grade science, time moves forward.

We will continue working with organizations such as the Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation, Coastal Bend Pride Center, Pride Corpus Christi and the federal, State and local governments to build a better and healthier world for you.

We will continue working with our local industry partners such as the Port of Corpus Christi, entities like the DEI council at Exxon Mobil, Cheniere, and others to build a better and more prosperous world for you.

There are churches, businesses, professionals and many people who will stand for you when others will not.

Our job as leaders in Nueces County is to make this a community where you choose to stay, grow and succeed. When we invest in you, you invest in us. Without pause, your community hears you and we celebrate you.

We hope one day soon those responsible for your education will hear your call and do the same.

We invite you and your families to celebrate who you are on October 8th on Shoreline Blvd. during the Pride Corpus Christi Parade.

For those who are listening and are fearful and forced into silence. You are not alone.

For your family and friends who want to show their support and are eligible, register to vote by October 11. Vote with Pride on November 8th.

Thank you.”

Jonathan Swindle

Board President

One thought on “Official Statement Advocating on Behalf of CCISD LGBTQIA+ Student Population
  1. Leona Lane

    Thank you for all you do for our community!!

    September 19, 2022 Reply
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